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Commit to vote in 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are fighting to give everyone a fair shot at success. Enter your email and commit to vote in the 2015 election.

Change starts with us -- Whether it's fighting for same-sex marriage, stopping ballistic missile defense, the push to legalize marijuana, or signing Kyoto, Young Liberals have led the fight for a stronger, more progressive Canada. With thousands of volunteers organizing across the country, we don't just support progressive change, we lead it!

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Now more than ever, we need you to get involved in building the team of Young Liberals that will help elect Justin Trudeau and a new Liberal government in 2015!

“There are a lot of people who think that students don’t care about the world beyond their textbooks. And I know that’s not true. I know it because I’ve met...

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YLC International

YLC International is stepping up our organizing in 2015, and there are a number of new opportunities to get involved.

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Harper’s Conservative government unveiled their 10th budget this week, and unsurprisingly this budget was clearly #NotForYOUth.

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