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Change starts with you

The fight for real, progressive change isn't over, together as young Canadians and Young Liberals let's keep fighting!

“We are building this movement together. It is the movement with which we will change politics.”

Justin Trudeau


COP21 Briefing Call

In 2 weeks the COP21 UN Summit on Climate Change will begin in Paris, and the Young Liberals of Canada will be participating as official delegates.

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I was 6 years old when the Khobar Tower bombings occurred in my hometown in Saudi Arabia. I remember the distinct boom, and I also remember walking around in the...

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Update: #EndtheCrisis

Seven months ago we launched our #EndtheCrisis campaign calling on the Conservative Government to take immediate action on the refugee crisis in Syria and the Middle East. We knew then that a...

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Join the fight - volunteer on campus!

We’re organizing on campuses across the country but we’re counting on you to join the fight for real change.